• Green Cell - Voltage converter Inverter 24V to 230V 1500W/3000W Pure sine wave

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The converter is a device whose task is to change the direct current voltage from the car battery or cigarette lighter socket into alternating current ~230V. Exactly the same voltage is found in every household socket (Type E) throughout Europe. Perfect for places where there is no direct access to the socket.

Portable socket
A car inverter is a device that allows you to use electrical devices wherever you are, even away from the power source.

The Green Cell converter has not only network sockets to which you can connect electrical devices, but also a USB port for charging smaller gadgets such as a smartphone or tablet.

Complete security
Don't worry about power surges, with the Green Cell device your equipment is always safe. The converter has a number of protections and certificates to ensure trouble-free operation.

Pure sine wave
It works perfectly with devices that require constant power supply identical to that in the socket. These include: laptops, refrigerators, TVs and the most sensitive ones, i.e. solar panels, furnaces and central heating pumps.

Well-thought-out design
The device has been designed to make use as comfortable as possible. The front of the converter is equipped with a mains socket adapted to plugs used throughout Europe and a USB port thanks to which we can charge our smartphone, e-book reader and any other device that can be connected via a USB port.

Product features:
· Efficiency: 85%
· Input voltage: 24V DC
· Output voltage: 230V AC
· Output voltage shape: Pure Sine
· Output frequency: 50Hz
· Usable power (continuous): 1500W
· Instantaneous power (pulse): 3000W
· Power consumption without load: 0.63A
· Weight: 3334g
· Indicator: LEDs
· Dimensions with mounting bracket: 312x178x78mm
· Warranty: 24 months

The set includes the most important accessories enabling safe operation of your device:
· Cables enabling direct connection to the battery
· Spare fuses
· Manual user instructions
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