• Green Cell - Voltage converter Inverter 12V to 230V 1000W/2000W Pure sine wave

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An inverter, also known as an inverter or inverter, is a device whose task is to change the DC voltage from a car battery or cigarette lighter socket to ~230V alternating current. This is exactly the voltage found in every household socket (Type E) throughout Europe. The converter is an excellent choice for those going on a road trip in a car, camper or truck - it will give you the freedom to use all the necessary appliances that require an outlet to operate.

Portable socket
A car converter is a device that allows you to use electrical appliances wherever you are, even away from your home power source.

The Green Cell converter not only has mains sockets to which you can plug your electrical devices, but also a USB port for charging smaller gadgets such as your smartphone or tablet

Total safety
Don't worry about surges, with a Green Cell device your equipment is always safe. The inverter has a number of safety features and certifications so that it works without interference

Pure sine wave
Perfectly compatible with devices that require continuous power supply with the same current as in the socket. This includes laptops, fridges, televisions and the most sensitive devices, such as solar panels, furnaces and CH pumps.

Clever design
The device has been designed to make use as comfortable as possible. The front of the inverter is equipped with a mains socket for plugs used throughout Europe and a USB port to charge your smartphone, e-reader or any other device with a USB connection.

A fan is located on the back of the inverter to ensure adequate cooling of the device.

The entire unit is enclosed in a small, yet very robust casing. The casing is made of high-quality aluminium and is therefore resistant to any mechanical damage or shock during travel. In addition, thanks to the materials used, the inverter is very lightweight.
Product features:
- Short-circuit protection
- Voltage and current monitoring
- Built-in fuse
- Thermal protection
- Input voltage: 12V DC
- Output voltage: 230V AC
- Frequency: 50 Hz
- Usable power (continuous): 1000W
- Instantaneous power (pulsed): 2000W
- No-load power consumption: 1,3A
- Output voltage shape: Pure sine wave
- Fuse value: 30A
- Number of fuses: 4
- 85% efficiency
- Weight: 1921g
- Dimensions: 26.4cm x 13.5cm x 7.6cm

Included are the most important accessories for safe operation of your device:
- Cables for direct connection to the battery
- Spare fuses
- Instruction manual
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