• AlcoDigital i-ALCO - Electrochemical Breathalyser for smartphone (Android / iOS)

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Electrochemical Breathalyser AlcoDigital i-ALCO is intended for use with smartphones, working on Android or iOS. A small, pocketable device that allows you to check level of alcohol content in the exhalated air. I-ALCO uses electrochemical sensor characterizing with perfect sensitivity as well as remarkable repeatability and precision. A free app ALCOVISOR is needed for the breathalyser to work correctly. The app allows you to check the history of measurements.
The set contains rubber pouch, ideal for storing and transporting your i-ALCO with a mouthpiece.

· Advanced electrochemical sensor
· Pocketable, easy to carry
· Simple use
· Free app for iOS & Android ALCOVISOR
· Measurement history on your smartphone
· Rubber pouch
· High precision
· Different measurement units
· Alert informing about too low temperature to work

· Advanced electrochemical sensor
· Accuracy: +/- 5%
· Range of results: 0.00 - 3.00‰
· Tester start time: ca. 10 sec,
· Test time: ca. 3 sec,
· 1 mouthpiece included
· Powered by a mini jack port from smartphone
· Weight: 23.6 g
· Set contains: i-ALCO, multiple use mouthpiece, rubber pouch. User's manual (in Polish), guarantee certificate, calibration certificate.
· All service and calibration operations are performed through the manufacturer (see http://bean.pl/read/services/).
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