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Cheap gold bracelets

In our store, we have prepared a section for lovers of beautiful, golden bracelets. The offer includes modern, simple jewelery as well as richly decorated, chain or segment models with precious stones. Prices start from several dozen euros. So you will find bracelets here that you don't have to spend a fortune on. And if you want something from a higher price range - there will be plenty of interesting offers here!


Bead bracelet: a cheaper option

If you like traditional colorful beads, strung on a string or thread - check out our Staviori offers. Maybe a model with dark balls made of natural volcanic lava? Or maybe one with mint-colored beads and leather straps? They are not classic gold bracelets, but they are cheap and just as charming. Perfect for everyday urban stylizations! Models with faceted, black crystals also fit a slightly more elegant outfit and a specific style of clothing, e.g. rock.


Golden bracelets - perfect for a gift!

Are you looking for an anniversary gift for your wife? Mom has a round birthday soon? Such an occasion requires a more special gift. A bracelet tailored to the taste of a birthday girl or a chosen one is something that will make a person who wears jewelry a lot happy. Once you know what types of women a woman has in her drawer, the choice will be easier. In the Rest Jewelery assortment we have cheap gold bracelets of various widths. What will you choose: a model made of pure gold or jewelry, additionally decorated with stones? The main thing is that the gift will appeal to the recipient!